Yes, many times


Yes, many times. A prompting may come as I read Scripture, or it may come out of the blue in the form of a sense or nudge. Typically, I don't have to pour much thought into what God is calling me to do. Sometimes I'd rather pull a Jonah though and go a different direction.

One instance stands out from the rest. My husband and I have a ministry at the Ronald McDonald House, serving meals to residents with sick children in the hospital. One evening, a volunteer helping out asked if I would go talk with a man who was struggling with guilt over being a believer and a tattoo artist at the same time. For justification, he wanted to know what the Bible had to say about tattoos. I racked my brain for some verses as I made my way reluctantly to his dining table. I sat down across from him, introduced myself, and asked a few questions to get the conversation started. I got this strong sense that I just needed to listen. No lecturing. No making right or wrong. No interrupting. No spewing forth verses. Just being quiet. By the time he had finished putting his life out there for me to analyze, an insight followed. We both realized what was his true struggle. Years prior, when things got tough financially, he abandoned his passion to be in the medical field for the lure of making a lot of money in the tattoo business. He had fallen into the trap of needing money in the short term and losing sight of his calling for the rest of his life. How tempting it is to turn conversations into debates on what Scripture says, pro or con, on any given topic. How sweet it is to be in a conversation and touch the life of another person.

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Tracy Simmons

Lace, have you read Thomas Moore’s book, “A Life at Work?” I interviewed him years ago and he says you wont be truly happy in your career unless it’s the career God’s called you to do (http://www.amazon.com/Life-Work-Discovering-What-Were/dp/0767922522).

Lace Williams-Tinajero

Tracy, thanks for the information on Thomas Moore’s book. I hadn’t heard of it, and am curious to know what wisdom he has to offer on career and God’s calling.

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