Why do so many Christians spend time and money on false instruction based on the Book of Revelation?

Dr. Heller,

Thank you for explaining the Book of Revelation to our class. I confess I have had little exposure to the book. Even church service readings from Revelation are rare it seems.

With Revelation being touted as a book of prophecy for end times on earth by some Christian denominations, why do so many Christians spend time and money on false instruction of Revelation?  What do they hope to gain from scaring believers that the book is about the coming of the antichrist on such-and-such date?  Scripture tells us “no one knows the hour.” 

Thank you for your thoughts on this subject. 

– Charlie

Dear Charlie,

Sometimes people who insist on the “secrets” of the Book of Revelation are scared  and do not want to be the only scared people. Other people make money with fear — it’s a business. One exploits human needs, weaknesses and so forth to make money. Such practices bear witness to the frailty of people who over and over again believe the last day is coming. It shows these people do not have a strong faith! They are like reeds in the wind.

Also, very often people want to believe what they want to believe, no matter what. They are setting up their own belief system, because it makes them feel secure. Others want to impress. They know better and more (all these secrets of the book of Revelation), which makes them feel powerful. In all these cases it comes to idolatry of oneself. So, some are proud of their religious security system, and the others are about their “knowledge.”

– Karin

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