Losing your faith can be a scary thing. Click here to find out what you can do to bring yourself closer and find its meaning again.

What You Can Do If You Are Losing Your Faith

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Faith can be a wonderful thing. So wonderful that, if you start to lose your faith, it can bring about great anxiety and a feeling of emptiness.

What you need to remember is that losing your faith is nothing you should be ashamed about. It’s perfectly natural to grow disenfranchised or begin to think about other possibilities. It’s human nature to question things, so questioning your faith is inevitable at some point.

What you need to do is remember what your faith means to you and the values that it brings to your life. Give yourself a three month period of actively doing things that bring your religion closer to you.

If this three month period does nothing to change your stance, then that’s okay. At least you have given your religion room to breathe and tried to discover that spark again.

With this in mind, here are five methods you should try out in your journey to find your religion once more:

Make Your Home A Religious Hub

The home is an important place for any religion. This is the space where your personality and values should be inherent within the walls around you, so look around and ask yourself: is your faith represented? Just a few simple things can help to change things around. A silver kiddush cup on the table for Judaism, a bronze cross on the wall for Christianity. Integrate your faith in small ways and see if that helps you feel closer to it.

Go To More Community Events

Many faiths also revolve around community. In the three months that you are actively searching for your faith, see if you can join more religious events. This can include a service, a social get together, or even a religious retreat. Anything that can get you talking and integrating with other members of your religion again.

Read The Scripture At Night

We’re not asking that you read through the entire text of your religion again. Just small sections every night. If you do this, then you might discover new aspects of your faith that really mean something to you. Everyone changes in life, after all, so different aspects might relate to you compared to the ones that related to you ten years ago.

Wear Religious Jewellery

Simple things like wearing religious jewellery can also help you to feel closer to your faith. If you’re wearing a popular symbol that is important to your religion, then you are carrying the religion’s virtues and messages everywhere you go. Even if you forget you’re wearing it, it’ll be there, and you will find yourself rising to those virtues in everything you do.

Keep Praying

Prayer is prominent in almost every religion. One of the biggest reasons why people fall out of their religion is because they stop praying, either because they don’t see the point or don’t have the time. Even if you don’t feel like it, take a few minutes out of the day to pray for the people you love. It will help you feel more content, calm, and should bring you closer to your faith in the process. Good luck!

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