What Mitt Romney may or may not believe about America

RNS file photo
RNS file photo

Did you hear Mitt Romney, the leading republican presidential nominee, is Mormon?

Yeah, I'm sure you have probably heard about it right? It's been a topic of discussion as of late within the republican debates and as the candidates have been seeking support across the country.

I think while most people don't want to make religion a major issue in a presidential race, a Mormon president would be a new thing for this county and the world. The media has touched on Romney being a Mormon, but they haven't done a good job of explaining what that will actually mean or what that could possibility effect if he is elected.

First off, Mormon is a nickname, the name church members use most often is: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. LDS is another short name, which I'll use from here on out.

While I can't tell you how deeply Romney understands or believes LDS doctrine and ideas, what I can do is help a little bit in clarifying some of the viewpoints LDS have about America. Most of these views are influenced by the scriptures we believe in, which are the Bible, the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenant's. Some of these idea's, doctrine's and viewpoints you may find very similar to the general populace. Others you may find somewhat new to you and unique to the LDS perspective.

I would like to clarify again that I do not know exactly what Romney personally believes. In the church there are various ideas and people, while we seek for unity; liberty of thought with political and religious freedoms are held in very high regard. The overlaying idea or policy in the church is to teach people correct principles and let them govern themselves (an idea Joseph Smith preached). And the church does not endorse one party or platform. Plus, Nowadays more LDS live outside the U.S. than inside. So, keep that in mind as these are points that I picked to share about, and are taken from my point of view as well.

Here are some things I want to point out.

First, the Founding Fathers were divinely inspired in the creating of the United States of America; which various individual's and groups were inspired to prepare for. Such times as the the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Exploring Era and the Revolutionary War were inspired to happen or used to usher in the final dispensation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is what started the restoration period focusing around Joseph Smith and others, and is to continue as the gospel goes throughout all the world till the coming of Christ again.

Second, the constitution was inspired by God to protect and move the world towards freedom and prosperity. It should be supported. It will be part of the law to be followed throughout the world after the second coming of Christ, including freedom of speech and religion. Even though Christ will reign over the whole earth, in his kingdom people will be permitted to believe what they choose under the law.

Third, the future of America is mostly very bright. A bit before and leading up to the second coming of Jesus, a new city and a world capital will be built called Zion, the New Jerusalem. This will be a powerful and peace loving place that is protected and blessed. 

Check back soon for my other points!

This is the first in a three-part series.

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Eric Blauer

Ok…this is a loaded post with so much that could be asked, challenged and debated. Are you open to dialogue and debate on the matters you posted or is this meant to simply inform?


If the constitution and the founding fathers of the US were divinely inspired by God, where does that leave European Christians? Where does that leave Muslims who live in the Middle East? Is China and the Far East just an afterthought? Is the United States the only part of the world that is favored by God?

Hanane Neff-Loutf

I don’t know how I missed this post… I am really shocked from the last paragraph, you say a new capital will be built called Zion, a “peaceful” one… I wonder what do mormons think of Zionism? will this be the president who will give Israel the chance (well the biggest and the last chance) to rule the world and to become a superpower instead of the US (we know the dollar is already is dying)? I am sure that superpower will not be ruled by Jesus peace be upon him but the anti-christ… a superpower that oppresses is not divine.

Ah those subject of last days!…

Eric Blauer

Ok, no response. Well, I personally think what’s been laid out here is so full of logical holes, historical oversight and ungracious posture abd judgment to the rest of the world.

I’m sorry to be negative but I’m really trying to wrap my head around how a modern mind in this interconnected world can find traction in this world view.

The apocalyptic religious fascination is often a nest of nuttiness. I say that as a Charismatic/Pentacostal and former Seventh Day Adventist from whom most of the crazies have emerged. I shudder at the poor exegesis and misunderstanding of the Kingdom of God.

I know all this is ‘fighting’ words, I don’t mean to be adversarial, I just seriously disagree with this type of triumphalist thought.

Matt Wise

The fun has only just begun, I still have 7 more points to make.

But I’d be happy to clarify,

First off, these points are generally what LDS members believe about America, If you asked a member they would probably agree with these points, But that doesn’t mean ALL of them know in detail about them or believe some of these points, But I’d say they are generally accepted.

To Eric; I’m simple here to inform you about some general beliefs that some(I would say majority) of LDS members have. The points are based on scripture that we believe in or, some rare points, from repeated talks that have occurred from the general leadership during general conference. I wrote in sources, but they didn’t get posted in the final article, don’t know why.

Bruce: No, I have more points on that viewpoint later. But we do believe that the US and constitution were inspired to happen, and the constitution sets a standard for the governments for the world. And also that America, North and south, are considered a Promised land that do come with a blessing and warning. More points on that later.

Hanane – The LDS view of Zion, and Zionism are different things. Joseph smith in 1830ish and since then have used the term Zion to refer to a future city/Community that will be built in AMERICA, during and after the 2nd coming of Christ. It will only become a world capital after the 2nd coming and in the kingdom of Christ. (SEE Isaiah Chapter 2)

As for Israel, we believe, a temple will be built there, and two prophets will preach the gospel of Jesus Christ there before the 2nd coming of Christ, they will kill those prophets before the whole world, and those prophets will be resurrected in front of the whole world. Some of Israel will receive the prophets message and accept Christ. An army will surround Israel, and put them in turmoil, Christ will save the righteous good people of Israel and the rest will be destroyed by the army’s and disasters around that event, some of the army’s will be destroyed as well.

Overall, Some of it can be seen different ways, and it depends on interpretation of scripture, but I would say again that most LDS, If they have studied end times subjects, have a general viewpoint like the ones I’m posting, It’s just facts of what people think about things, But weather or not Mitt Romney believes is up to you, and I’m not here to try and persuad you to believe any one way, many LDS don’t as well, and the is some talk about end times and government etc.

Ryan Downie

It seems very bizarre to me to suggest that something like the Revolutionary war was inspired. I’m not even sure what that means. Wouldn’t God rather opt for inspiring something more peaceful?

Matt Wise

Ryan – I should have been more clear with that statement, I never heard any talk of the actual war being inspired per se, but some of the people of that time and there general move toward freedom of thought and creating a land of liberty.
I should have wrote it as the “Exploring era and some of the people during the revolutionary war period”

Ryan Downie

So, if God can inspire some to pursue such goods, why not all?


Thanks for putting these thoughts out there. I am a conservative, Bible believing Christian, depending on the Holy Spirit to help me understand His word. As such, I believe that the extra-biblical LDS books fall under the curse by Jesus Himself (Rev. 22: 18, 19) of adding to the finished revelation that was given, ending with the Revelation. However, is terms of politics I don’t see Romney as anywhere near as dangerous to our country, our freedom or prosperity as Barack Obama. There have been many different beliefs represented in our history of presidents, but all have sworn to uphold our constitution. Some have been more honest about the follow through on that than others. I would tend to separate Mr. Romney’s belief system (which I totally disagree with) from his ability to be a good American president. I hope he wins the election.

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