I've been writing about how most Mormons, including Mitt Romney, tend to feel about America. Here are my final points.

What Mitt Romeny may or may not believe about America, part 3

I've been writing about how most Mormons, including Mitt Romney, tend to feel about America. Here are my final points.

  • Traditional Family values are vital to the country. If society does not protect and support the family, then society's may bring upon themselves ills or destruction’s spoken about in the scriptures.
  • There are secret groups which seek after power and gain, trying to rule over and destroy the freedom's in America and other country's of the world. These groups cause great ills to society. They can end up destroying themselves and others in the process. Some leader's of the Church have pointed out communism as one version of these groups but the opinions vary.
  • War should be avoided and peace promoted.War should be taken very seriously if in the rare case that it is necessary. There are various scriptures that explain to act only in defense and to forgive instead of seeking retaliation.
  • The other nations cultures, beliefs and good traditions should be respected. The Lords can speak and reveal to various people throughout the world. The peoples of the world are the son's and daughters of God and should be respected as such, according to the Book of Mormon.

However you want to classify these beliefs is up to you.

Many LDS consider themselves to be conservative, but it seems there is also a large group of libertarian ideas that forming as well, who; would much rather see a Ron Paul type as the nominee. If you would like to see more specific quotes about the constitution and LDS viewpoints by church leaders, I recommend this website.

And once again no one party or platform is officially endorsed by the Church as a whole. There are various beliefs in the church, and now-days more LDS live outside the U.S. than inside.

Hopefully for this basic run down of some of the Lds views on government and law you can see that they are strong supporters of the constitution and the founding principles of the U.S>, there is also a heavy emphasis on family, community, health, and peaceful prosperous society's. So whether or not Mitt Romney fits that bill is going to be up for vote.

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Eric Blauer

Matt how about a series of posts that really look at Mormonism’s uniqueness instead of its similarities with Chritian churches. You are sitting on a trove of peculiarities that would be far more interesting to discuss.

It feels like you spent a lot of time talking about Clark Kent and sidestepped the real fascinating story of Superman.

You’ve covered easy ground my friend but seekers, doubters and questioners want to dig into the back room issues. Whatcha got under the table not on the table stuff. At least that’s where my interests lie.

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