What Mitt Romeny may or may not believe about America, part 2

Back again for part two (here's part one), where I am sharing some beliefs Mormons (including Mitt Romney) seem to generally accept and believe about America. In other words, if you asked a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints they would probably agree with these points, but that doesn’t mean ALL of them know in detail about them or believe some of these points. But I’d would say in my viewpoint they are generally accepted.

Below of the next three things I'd like to point out:

  • America (North and south) is a blessed land if the people are righteous, but cursed if the people do not follow the principles of righteousness. Going back thousands of years ago, if the people of America do not live with righteous principles and devoted to God, they will either be swept off the land or brought into turmoil or slavery. “The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ” explains the history of many of these people, including accounts of some of these civilizations downfalls and collapse. The Book of Mormon was prepared and brought forth as a warning to the people of this land the live here now and to the world (Book of Mormon 2nd Nephi Chapter 2).
  • The Laminates will blossom as a rose. The Laminates are considered to be those of Native American, Central and South American heritage, which the Book of Mormon accounts of there ancestors. These groups of people will become prosperous as they build a spiritual culture and society, according to the Book of Mormon.
  • Charity and the care of the poor and needy is a personal, social and spiritual necessity, as part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Service to your fellow neighbor’s is service to God. In Zion, there will be no poor among them, most people will be able to voluntarily live a law called the law of consecration, were lands and resources will be managed and shared to those in need, but also giving individual's and family's the liberty to manage things, the way they see fit, to benefit themselves and others (Book of Mormon, Mosiah Chapters 3-5).

Please check back next week for part 3 and the final four points plus, concluding comments.

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