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What is Life?

What is Life?

By Jimmy Young

Life is at the end of the road in the smallest house that sits still, quiet, and alone.

To find it you must pass by the enticing lights, the wide smiles in overdrive and the perfect shoes that shine.

Life is not who anyone would want to be. 

I could not pay people to take true life, I couldn’t give it away for free.  Not when compared with what it is that kills you and me.

Life is not fame, fortune, beauty, or celebrity. Life is as average and plain as the grass is green.

The fun that calls and beckons me near is an act of aggression I need to steer clear of, walk around, don’t let it grab me, don’t give in or let it fill my mind. 

Death will not slow. It is to come. You cannot shut it off, turn your head, just run just go, leave it behind and out of sight. 

Life does not have a soundtrack that excites and wows, but it won’t  gum up my reality and let me down. 

True life doesn’t disappoint, how could it? It couldn’t be as bad as it looks. Not when compared with what kills me.

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