Cannabis and CBD can be tricky to work with for spiritual purposes. Marijuana has been playing a crucial role in human spiritually for over 10,000 years now. This is, however, in contrast with the ongoing stigma around people who use cannabis, whether for medical or recreational purposes.

What is CBD Oil for The Spiritual Life?

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Cannabis and CBD can be tricky to work with for spiritual purposes. Marijuana has been playing a crucial role in human spiritually for over 10,000 years now. This is, however, in contrast with the ongoing stigma around people who use cannabis, whether for medical or recreational purposes.

Luckily, since the approval of a CBD-derived drug Epidiolex by the FDA, more and more people are becoming receptive to the medicinal properties of marijuana. However, aside from the physical benefits of cannabis, CBD oil can also help with spiritual health.

Historical Cultural and Spiritual Uses of Cannabis

China is one of the countries that have appreciated the various uses of the cannabis Sativa plant. Eight thousand years ago, the Chinese used cannabis seeds as food, while 6,000 years ago, they were cultivating the plant for its stem fiber and hemp for weaving into textile and making cordage. The Chinese were also employing parts of the plant 5,000 years ago for various ailments.

Across Central Asia, at least 3,000 years, cannabis seeds were used in rituals, left with flowers in graves, or as offerings in invocations. It was also used as incense. Indians also used cannabis for medicinal and ritual purposes.

Forty years ago, fishers on the west coast of Mexico would take a few puffs of cannabis to wind down and connect with their higher self. Native Americans also recognized cannabis for its spiritual potential when smoked. The Rastafari community has also been known to smoke marijuana before prayer seasons, and they attest to the fact that cannabis helps them connect with a higher power.

How CBD Can Help You with Spiritual Health

Has Clarifying and Amplifying Effects

Marijuana has been praised as an ally for the awakening by various communities, including the Rastafari movement. When used meditatively, with the right intention and focus, cannabis has the ability to amplify and clarify and shine a light on our illusion, inviting us to release into a more relaxed, more profound, and open-hearted presence that feels real and right.

Cannabis, like other entheogenic medicines, heightens mindfulness, and awareness meditation. For one to be able to work with marijuana spiritually, intention, and realization are critical. It can dramatically help potentiate the manifestation of an intention if used skillfully.

It can also increase your focus when doing yoga or meditation rather than be distracted by negative thoughts. It will enhance your ability to focus so you can do yoga or meditate without losing sight of why you’re practicing in the first place.

Has Physical and Emotional Effects

When used spiritually and meditatively, CBD can lead to its well-know healing abilities. Using CBD or cannabis loosens the muscular structure making your body feel good, energized, and relaxed at the same time. As a result, you feel more joyful.

CBD also wards off anxiety and depression, both common mental health conditions that can take a toll on spiritual health. CBD will work by deactivating the sympathetic nervous system, triggering anxiety and depression, and activates the parasympathetic nervous system that will leave your body in a relaxed state.

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Hence, CND synchronizes your mind and body to make you feel good and connected to your spirituality. CBD also has a balancing effect on the nervous system, immune system, and hormonal (endocrine) systems.

Clams You Down

Our spiritual health often gets compromised when we’re stressed out even over the smallest thing. When we are stressed out, we can’t even sleep, which leaves us even more disconnected from our spirituality.

CBD has soothing properties that leave us calm and feeling physically and spiritually full, allowing us to relax and connect with our higher self. The compound will leave your mind clearer and more focused. You will start to notice that the things that overwhelmed you and caused you to shut down won’t have an effect on you.

When you are calm, you are able to take in information, effectively assimilate it, and be positive enough to do what you intend to in a more balanced way. Your intuition will also become more heightened in all the aspects of your life.

Bottom Line

Spiritual health is as important as your mental and physical health. Keeping yourself spiritually healthy doesn’t mean you should routinely engage in meditation, prayer, or yoga; you can also use CBD to spark spiritual effects and benefit your spiritual health.

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