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What is a Soulmate?

What is a Soulmate?

By Emma Craven

What’s a soulmate? You may have heard of the idea from movies, or television or been taught about it during a Sunday school session — probably near Valentine’s Day — like I was.

Different religions have different ideas of what a soulmate is. Most ideas of a soulmate seem to stem back to the idea that a soulmate is just one special person. That a soulmate is likely our future spouse and we simply just wait until we meet them. I grew up thinking this and being told that my future soulmate would be the person I marry. While that idea is lovely and poetic, I think soulmates are much more than that.

I don’t think soulmates have to be romantic, or simply one person. I think our souls can be joined with those who we are close to, not just our spouses. I believe that God made soulmates so we can feel forever connected to to our family, friends, and everything else in between. Our souls weren’t met for only one person.

So what do you think a soulmate is? Is it our spouse or partner? Or are soulmates a collection of loved ones? Whatever they may be, I know that the family and friends I’ve made will stay with me until the end.

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