What Is a Purpose Driven Church? Everything You Need to Know

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What Is a Purpose Driven Church? Everything You Need to Know

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If you run a church, it’s important to remember that your calling is to serve more than just your congregation.

Your doors and resources need to be open to the community, and you should always strive to help people find their purpose. Here are some tips for running a purpose driven church.

1. Encourage Your Congregation to Explore and Find Their Purpose

The congregation is a community, but it consists of individuals. As a result, everyone plays a role.

Strive to help your congregation look within and find their purpose. Pastors and preachers are guides that help inspire and empower people through faith.

As such, make sure that your church preaches this, rather than acting as a sole judge or authority on the word. 

2. Have a Strong Leadership Contingent in Your Church

Leadership is everything when it comes to running a purpose-driven church. When you have strength in leadership your congregation will be much better for it. 

Set up a board that keeps balance in leadership. Take the time to hold regular meetings and run the church like a seasoned business. 

3. Make Prayer and Fasting a Regular Practice

A purpose-driven church looks within to experience God’s light and insight into their lives. You can find this through ongoing prayer and fasting. 

When this is a regular practice in your life you’ll have guidance into your true purpose. Teach your congregation about prayer and fasting, backed by scriptural references. 

4. Let the Church See Where Their Money and Efforts Go

Nothing shows your purpose like how you spend your time and money. If you want to earn your congregation’s trust and ongoing support, let them see the fruits of their tithes, offering, and volunteer time. 

For instance, with a congregation like Parkway Fellowship Church, it’s easy to see growth when you look at the music industry and the website. 

When you are transparent about the direction of the church your congregation will feel better about supporting. 

5. Play an Active Role in the Community

Never forget that your purpose as a church is to serve the world and not just the congregation. You’ll need to have your doors open to people from all walks of life and should participate in events and needs throughout your surrounding area. 

Whether you’re supporting social and civic efforts, running a food bank, or helping out with cleanup efforts, let your church’s purpose shine through in the community. 

Start Running a Purpose Driven Church

When you run a purpose driven church, you’ll be able to pour into people’s lives. 

The word pastor translates to “shepherd”, so you need to always be ready and willing to serve. Service is the primary purpose of any church, no matter the denomination or type of church. 

Let the points above assist you in getting your message out to the people who need it most. Link up with other like-minded people that can support you in building your church and living your mission. 

Check back for more information on faith and social commentary. 

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