Loren Negron with her boyfriend hiking Kalepa Ridge Trail on Kaua'i / Photo by Loren Negron (SpokaneFāVS)

What I Was Most Insecure about, God Used to Connect Me to a Homeless Lady

What I Was Most Insecure about, God Used to Connect Me to a Homeless Lady

Commentary by Loren Negron

These past few months, I’ve been dealing with annoying rashes on my hairline, eyebrows and neck. They flare up often, triggered by almost anything — temperature changes, humidity, sweat, stress, etc. They’re usually red and sometimes itchy, and they had calmed down before I left for Kauai. But lo and behold, they got worse after a few days of arriving.

I don’t like them at all. They’re noticeable, and I feel very insecure about them. They can also be difficult to manage. I sometimes see people look a little too long with weird looks on their faces. Swimming at the beach makes the rashes drier and flaky, making them more visible.

The day they got worse was the same day my boyfriend and I did a homeless ministry outreach with a local church in Kauai. Such perfect timing, I thought. I was really frustrated.

But God used what I was most insecure about to spark a conversation between me and a homeless woman.

During the monthly outreach, the church opens their doors for the homeless to come and eat, as well as grab toiletries, clothes, food and other supplies they need. It’s also a time for them to receive support and talk to someone who’s willing to listen.

I ended up approaching one of the homeless women while she was eating and asked if I could sit with her. We exchanged names, and it was silent for a little bit. Until she stared and commented on my rashes.

My daughter had the same rashes when she was a baby, she said.

The ugly, annoying rashes I was most insecure about was the very thing that led this woman to open up about her life. She talked for about an hour, and I learned about all the trauma, pain and violence she went through. That interaction ended up in tears and a big hug from her, thanking me for taking the time to listen. Our conversation meant so much to her and me listening impacted her deeply.

These rashes are still annoying as hell, but I’ve learned to appreciate the way God is able to use the painful, frustrating and, sometimes, annoying rashes in life to create something beautiful and meaningful — a deep, heartfelt impact that will last for a long time.

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BJ sarisin.papers.substack

Loren- lovely story, may the gift of our shameful appearances continue to bless us, and others. Are you interested in a local (Spokane) storytelling project? If so I can reach out through Tracy…

BJ sarisim.papers.substack

ed: sarisim.papers

Loren Negron

Yes, I’d be interested! Feel free to send the info to Tracy 🙂

Tracy M Simmons

Happy to help coordinate!

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