If a woman is physically and emotionally capable of the rigors of combat, she should be given the opportunity to serve.

“War is hell”

If a woman is physically and emotionally capable of the rigors of combat, she should be given the opportunity to serve. I say that with a huge caveat, though. Gen. Sherman was right when he said that “war is all hell.” This is not something we should do just so we can all brag about how “progressive” we are as a nation, nor is it something that should be done just to be politically correct. It should be carefully studied and done in a way that ensures the mission, whatever it is, can be accomplished. We're not just talking about some philosophical point, we're talking about people's lives. Those who have never served or seen combat have no clue what it's like.

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  1. Joe, I wanted to say thank you for your emotional maturity shown at the last Coffee Talk. When you were rebuffed in public in a manner that was rude, you didn’t respond in a unkind way. That was honorable.

    I know you are a man whose committed to his positions with passion and I admire that value. You also seem to be fine with others showing that too by your lack of aggression or defense.

    It’s tough throwing human cats and dogs in a room and prevent hissing and barking. I think we all do pretty good considering our cultures love for a fight.

    We all can learn how to be better people through our engagement with each other. Respect, deference, humility, being quick to hear & slow to speak, boldness and gentleness all have a role in work to craft a diverse thinking and believing community.

    You add to that goal.

    Our friend had a good point in his critique and I think we all need to work at figuring out how to do this community work with open hearts and hands without bring required to pretend we don’t disagree. It’s tough.

    Thanks for trying, when we fail or stumble lets keep getting up and moving forward.

    I’m just offering my hand.

  2. Personally, Joe, I thought it was pretty mean what some in the audience said to you. Props for toughing it out. It took guts, I know. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the kind words, guys, appreciate you both very much!

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