The community at Sravasti Abbey

Volunteers needed at Sravasti Abbey

By Hannah McCollum

Sravasti Abbey is inviting lay-people to volunteer in January 2018.

The abbey is hosting a special event from Jan. 22 to Feb. 8, 2018, and are expecting over 40 monastics from around the world to attend. Vinaya Master Ven. Bhikshuni Wu Yin is coming from Taiwan to teach the monastic discipline called Vinaya. Bhikshuni Wu Yin’s personal mission is to “establish Buddhist institutes and temples to train nuns so that they would have the necessary knowledge and skills to transmit the Dharma to the greater society.” This is a historical opportunity for the Buddhist community in the West to study the Vinaya.

Because the members of Sravasti Abbey will be busy participating in the course, they are reaching out to friends of the abbey for support. Specifically, they need volunteers to shovel snow, clean and maintain the facilities, arrange spaces for the program and provide guests with transportation to and from the airport.

Volunteers will be provided with accommodations and meals, and are welcome to serve for as many days as they are able.

Contact Ven. Thubten Semkye by Dec. 3 if you are interested in volunteering at semkye.sravasti@gmail.com, or call 509-447-5549.

To learn more about Sravasti Abbey and their mission of “creating peace in a chaotic world,” visit their website.

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