5 Reasons to Go for a Masters Program in Jewish Studies

5 Reasons to Go for a Masters Program in Jewish Studies Sponsored Content Students often can’t decide what to do after getting a bachelor’s degree. Sometimes they have trouble picking a master’s program. Some of the choices include computer sciences, business administration, or human research management. But, one may find …

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Psalm 23: The Love of the Good Shepherd for His Sheep

February is known as the “love” month, with Valentine’s Day right in the middle of it, and I’ve been thinking how I can tie that in with just how much God loves humankind. I found one of the best pictures of God’s love and care for his followers is in Psalm 23, which compares God to the “good shepherd” and those who follow him as his “sheep.”

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Syrian and Turkish Earthquake Survivors Show the Strength of Their Faith in Their Calamity

2023 turkey syria earthquake

It has been hard for me to watch the pictures, videos and posts in terms of the devastation the recent earthquake has caused in Turkey and Syria. Mostly, we are seeing more of Turkey’s destruction all over media outlets rather than Syria’s. Initially Syria had slow aid due to the sanctions. However, after four days, there is a relief on those sanctions for a limited time.

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Is there Life After Death?

life after life

Recently I’ve been preparing for the inevitable. Last month, I reached an age at which I can say, “Four score and seven years ago, my mother brought forth on this continent a new baby ...” That was me. I’ve never been 87 before, never dreamed I’d make it this far. I’d wondered whether I’d see the turn of this century! But I did, so what’s next?

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