Reading the Bible in today’s scientific society

The critically-acclaimed movie "Memento" was unique in its depiction of anterograde amnesia, the inability to form new memories or to recall the recent past. In the flick, Leonard Shelby wrote notes to himself in order to function on a daily basis. The movie was also significant in portraying the problems of written communication.

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My faith influences my wardrobe year round

My faith influences my wardrobe year round, though of course that influence is more noticeable when we all want to dress  (or undress) for the heat.

In the LDS faith, we believe that all of us are children of God, made in His image, and that our bodies are temples and should be treated with respect.

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Craig Goodwin

It intrigues me that of the religious traditions that have a common origin in Abraham, Jews have the kosher food laws, Muslims have Ramadan and Halal, but the Christian faith of today has little left of its historic food practices. Craig Goodwin Why an evangelical Presbyterian pastor is observing Ramadan …

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