Personal Faith, Community Collaboration & Lived Experience Meet Spokane’s Homeless Crisis

When Mariah Villanpando arrived in Spokane in 2017 to escape a domestic abuse situation in rural Washington, she and her children had no choice but to live in their car. Despite the trauma of abuse, the anxiety of an unplanned relocation and the stress of single motherhood, Villanpando was determined to find safe housing for her family. She went through intake at one of the large, faith-based organizations in Spokane, but the resources she needed were not readily available. Five years later, she still hasn’t heard back. 

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Religious Discrimination and Abortion Law

In an article entitled “Curtailing Abortion Rights Undermines Religious Freedom,” Muslim writer Fatima Argun and Jewish author Walter Ruby declare, “The Court’s striking down of Roe v. Wade appears as nothing less than a Christianization of American law, which is perceived by our minority faith communities as a peril to the principles of religious pluralism and governmental neutrality.”

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The Decline in Belief

I think much of the decline in belief is due to the precipitous decline in trust of all institutions. If we do not trust in government, or business, or media, or even the organized church, then why should we trust there is a God?

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