Why I Am a Buddhist


Because I write about faith, people often ask me what religion I am.  Sometimes I stumble over my answer. I admit I worry what people will think when I say “I’m a Buddhist.” It sounds so … trendy, which I am not. At the garden store Buddha’s statues have become as popular as St. Francis.

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Is Gambling a Sin?

Is Gambling a Sin? Sponsored Content Gambling has been around since early civilizations. Regardless of the time period, gambling has always been a controversial hobby.  Different cultures all over the world gamble, so it’s not a concept that originated in a particular geography and was imported afterwards. In other words, …

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Hate: Costs and Benefits


In my last post, I introduced an exploration of hate as an idea. We sometimes think of hate as this emotional force that overcomes us. As if we are walking down the street minding our own business, listening to Taylor Swift singing "haters gonna to hate, hate, hate, hate, hate," and like a vampire, coming upon us with a greeting of “good evening,” before launching onto our neck and sucking out our life and turning us into a creature of the night.

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