Is there Life After Death?

life after life

Recently I’ve been preparing for the inevitable. Last month, I reached an age at which I can say, “Four score and seven years ago, my mother brought forth on this continent a new baby ...” That was me. I’ve never been 87 before, never dreamed I’d make it this far. I’d wondered whether I’d see the turn of this century! But I did, so what’s next?

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The Evil in this World: It All Started with a Forbidden Fruit

Adam and Eve

The origin of evil as described in Islam goes back to the early times when Allah, SWT (God), created Adam from clay. He then asked his other creations, Angels and Jinn to prostrate to Adam. All did except “Iblis,” Iblis was a Jinn and believed that hence he was created from fire, an element superior to clay, so then, why shall he prostrate to someone who is created from mere clay.

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Let’s Keep King’s Dream of a Beloved Community Alive

beloved community

Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of a beloved community is under threat. It is a dream of a community grounded in peace, justice and a fair sharing of resources and wealth. It is a dream rooted in the biblical vision of a covenant community, dear to the hearts of Hebrew prophets such as Amos and Micah, who were dear to the heart of King.

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God Provides When He Guides

A few months ago, I saw a post on Instagram that read: God provides when He guides. I was really drawn to that post and wrote it down on my list of Truths to Remember that I have on my bedroom wall. It’s a message that I’ve been reflecting on since the day I found it.

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