Ven. Thubten Chodron on universal responsibility

On Saturday, Bhikkuni Day, Ven. Thubten Chodron of Sravasti Abbey, spoke the unversal call to better the world.

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in this morning’s dicert email to you I’m amazed and deeply touched by all you shared in your sketches and these notations of your personal responses to my labyrinth piece. I cherish your perception and appreciate the insights into your own creative process all the more because so much of my own process seems completely out of my awareness. These pieces I create are not planned by me at all, but rather show up on the page when I sit before the blank page with pen in hand. Others often see images within the pieces that I don’t until they’re pointed out to me.I suspect the less complex examples in the journal you purchased (designed to invite others to experiment with writing the labyrinth as I do) may be of less interest to you as an artist than the more complex pieces I’ve shared on the Labyrinth Journal website and on my Giraffe Journal blog. I invite you to share whatever you see in any of my pieces, whenever you feel moved to do so.I sense I have much to learn from you. Thanks so much. I share here for the benefit of others who may be interested, and I look forward to continuing our conversation in email.Hugs and blessings,Virginia

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