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Upcoming Lecture: “Why We Need to Know About the Catholic Intellectual Tradition”


Michael Tkacz, professor of Christian philosophy at Gonzaga University, will present the lecture “Why We Need to Know About the Catholic Intellectual Tradition” on Monday, Jan, 30 at 7 p.m. in College Hall Room 101 at the Gonzaga campus.

The public event is an effort of the Gonzaga Faith and Reason Institute and the Gonzaga Socratics Club.

The lecture will address the pursuit of learning to articulate Christian faith, and the reasons a Christian needs academia when the tenets of faith arise from various authoritative sources.

Catholic intellectual thinkers refute new atheist claims of recent decades that Christianity is irrational and should be abandoned in the face of modern scientific evidence. The study of the tradition should be kept alive as a “remedy to the distortion of faith as well as a source of deeper understanding of its profound teachings,” according to Tkacz.

Tkacz specializes in the history of medieval philosophy and philosophy of nature. He serves as the president of the Society for Thomistic Natural Philosophy, and researches contributions of Albert Magnus to the development of the scientific method and metaphysical foundations of empirical science.


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