Tuesday’s Religion News Roundup: Teen births, Tebow to Bubba, Baylor’s sins

Cue the abstinence-birth control debate: teen birth rates are at their lowest levels in almost 70 years. Greater use of contraceptives and lower incidence of sexual activity are cited.

The groves of Academe are getting sacred, or are at least studying the sacred a good deal more.

But there’s sacred and then there’s sacred – and the Falwells’ Liberty University is apparently wavering on inviting megachurch pastor Mark Driscoll to come hawk his rather explicit book on Christian sex.

Those gay Brigham Young University students who came out in a video are “not in obvious violation of the honor code,” BYU officials say.

Rutgers University is investigating a satirical student newspaper that published a column in praise of Adolf Hitler and attributing it to a Jewish student activist. Not so funny, really.

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