Dozens attend the FāVS Coffee Talk

Today’s Coffee Talk to focus on “The Role of Prayer”

When bad things happen, or one is in need, is prayer enough? Many FāVS writers have written about the effectiveness of prayer over the past few weeks, as distressing headlines seem to be the norm as of late.

Today at 10 a.m. FāVS panelists will lead a forum, “The Role of Prayer” for its next Coffee Talk. This event, which is open to all, will be held in the student lounge in the Jepson Center on Gonzaga University’s Campus. Jepson is located on the Southwest side of campus, behind St. Al’s Church.

Panelists are:

FāVS will provide free coffee, though it is limited. Guests are also welcome to bring their own beverages.

FāVS wants to hold more community events like this. With your donation, we can.

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