Thursday’s Religion News Roundup: Iraq war ends; 2011’s top religion story; “menorahments”

The killing of Osama bin Laden and the reactions it provoked in faith communities was the top religion story of the year, according to a Religion Newswriters Association survey.

Congress's hearings on radicalization amongAmerican Muslimswas voted the No. 2 story, followed by the indictment of Catholic Bishop Robert Finn of K.C. on charges of failing to report the sexual abuse of a child.

In one of the top stories of the decade, the U.S. military declared the end of the Iraq war on Thursday. Whether or not the mission was accomplished, it's now officially over.

Here at home,social issues are taking center stage in a GOP primary campaignthat was supposed to be about the economy, stupid.

Seeking common ground with the common man,Mitt Romney is starting to open up about his days as a Mormon missionary, saith the NYT and the AP.

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  1. Hello,

    I was just wondering why the end of the war ON Iraq made the news in this blog. Maybe there are some moral lessons we can learn from this chapter of the History. This is what I came up with:

    Lying is bad: The propaganda and lies sold by politicians and media corporations led to a destruction of a country….

    Never befriend an evil person nor betray a good one: Installing “democracy” and ending tyranny sounds good, but archives tell us that the tyrant and the “anti-democratic” used to be an ally not too long ago.

    Don’t counter violence with a bigger violence: Not only the story of WMD was a lie, there is no link between 9/11 and Iraq period. Now we have a demolished country and more than 1.5 million dead amongst them many many babies, children and women. What dud they die for? Who much distrust toward Americans this war ceated not only from Muslims but other nations also?

    Arrogance is the worst of all: Dehumanizing others, they are not like us, they are evils and we are good, we need to show them a better way to live a life… Such attitude is a consequence of statements like “you are either with us or with the enemy” meaning there is no room for others.

    Justice can’t be achieved in this life: Who is going to bring justice to people who lost their lives, to the widows and the orphans, to the sick and the poisned ….? The neocons and war criminals are free and not held accountable…. But the day of judgment will sure come…

    This war and many are the cause and symptoms of a lot of problems we are dealing with. But now that the war ON Iraq is supposedly over I have to say: Next!

  2. religionnewsspokane

    Well, no matter which media outlet you look at, the end of the Iraq War is definitely topping the headlines, and that headline deserved a place here too. But, I appreciate you looking at this story even deeper and helping us understand the lessons in it!

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