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The Strength Of The Invisible Rope Of Faith


By Maimoon Harrington

In 1995, I was 21 years old, a divorced, mother of an 8-month old baby and a toddler. I had people in my life that could have supported me, but that meant becoming a parasite, an incapable person depending on someone else for support and looking up to others for our every need.

But that was not me. I was not brought up to be a burden on someone. I was brought up to be a strong believer. I knew someone I could put all my faith and trust in and He would sail me through this new, hard phase of my life. Yes, it’s indeed the Almighty God that I had my faith in. Times like this in life, when you are down, alone and weak there is only one ‘Supreme Power’ that can help you and rescue you from your hardships and that’s ‘Him.’ I am glad that I knew this. I mustered up my courage and decided to take care of my children on my own with ‘His’ help only!

My faith in Him started straightening my path for me. I fulfilled all my roles as a parent, as a worker and whatever came my way with good intentions, honesty, hard work and dedication.

God helps you only if you are ready to help yourself, and one of the biggest things that He requires from you is your good intention in doing anything and everything in your life. No matter what you do, how hard you work, if your intentions are not right then the outcome will never be right.

This Hadith (saying of the Prophet) from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has been the motto of my life:

 “Verily reward of deeds depend upon intentions”

Your hard work, your rituals, and your prayers — nothing is worthwhile if your intentions are not right! The path to righteousness is only through good intentions. One can hide from the world but one cannot hide from Him, He sees through you.

With good intentions and my faith in God, I found peace and success. Now looking at my life from where I am today and how far I have come I am so glad that I had my faith. Without my strong faith I would have never made it. It is the most precious and most sacred thing in my life.

So do not be scared if you end up on the bumpy road like me, feel lonely, helpless and hopeless then ‘Revitalize’ your faith, get your hope back it will be a bumpy road but the end would be smooth whatever your definition of smooth is!

I enjoyed my years of struggle and have always been grateful, because I learned so much from my challenges.  God has always been and is still gracious to me.

“Remember it’s not the people who can do anything for you; it’s you and your belief in ‘Him’ that can change your life. Fighting against the adversaries of life is a skill and you can only master this skill with your strong belief.”

Have your faith, start with good intentions and never be scared to make mistakes. Just remember to seek forgiveness as we are only humans and He the Almighty is full of Mercy, Love and Compassion. I say this because everyday our faith is challenged; we make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly.  Just believe, believe strong in the Superpower you believe in and the end will be OK.

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