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The Spokane Heat Wave: A wave of helping others

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The Spokane Heat Wave: A wave of helping others 

By Emma Craven

Let’s be honest. It has been hot out — pretty unbearable, in my opinion. Summer started with a massive heat wave in not only Spokane, but the Pacific Northwest. What I did not expect, however, was this wave of kindness I’ve been seeing in the Spokane community. 

It has been the little things, like seeing strangers help one another in a grocery store, neighbors checking in on each other, and even people just showing concern for all those in the Spokane community via social media. 

Is it possible this heat wave is bringing in more than just horrible heat? Is it bringing back kindness?  

In my neighborhood, there have been many people who are willing to help each other. Neighbors are helping neighbors by watering lawns or having a sprinkler in a backyard and inviting all the kids to come over. I’ve even seen new people in my neighborhood lending helping hands virtually on apps like Nextdoor and Facebook. 

This heat wave has somehow connected many of us, and it’s refreshing to see. I hope that even after the heat has subsided, the generosity and willingness to help friends, family, neighbors and even strangers will continue to remain in Spokane. 

About Emma Craven

Emma Craven is an undergraduate student at Gonzaga University majoring in English and Psychology. She is originally from Leavenworth and currently lives in Spokane with her family. She grew up in a half Jewish and half Catholic household. She has a writing background in news writing, poetry, and fiction pieces. She has previously been published in two of Gonzaga’s writing journals. Outside of school and work, you can find her swimming, reading, spending time with family, or watching Grey's Anatomy.

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