The Perfect Send Off: 5 Tips for Planning a Funeral

The Perfect Send Off: 5 Tips for Planning a Funeral

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Did you lose a loved one?

Losing somebody dear can feel overwhelming and devastating. But, sending them off with a beautiful funeral celebrates their life and begins the healing process for you and all who attend.

During this time, you may feel unclear on what to do. Read on to learn 5 tips for planning a funeral.

1. Choose Their State of Resting

When a person passes, they leave behind their mortal coil. What you choose to do with it can create a lasting impact for you and your loved ones.

Choosing between burial or cremation may feel like a tough decision. Consider several factors when making this choice. 

What did your loved one want? If they never discussed this exact topic, think of their religious or spiritual beliefs and how those might affect their wishes.

What can you afford? Burials cost quite a bit more than cremation

What keeps you closer to them? Some people feel solace in visiting a beautiful grave. Others prefer to keep their loved ones close by closing their ashes in an urn to keep in the home.

You cannot make a wrong decision. Choose the process that feels right for you.

2. Calling Hours

Calling hours allow all to gather before the funeral. It opens up time for people to offer their condolences to the family and for people to share memories.

Sometimes the family will leave the casket open so everybody may say a face to face goodbye. Others close the casket or set the urn at the front so people can get close without viewing.

If you choose to hold calling hours, people often put up picture boards that represent the best moments of the deceased’s life. They may last four several hours and can be broken up into two sessions to offer the family a break.

3. Service Type

Stay true to their beliefs when making funeral plans. You may hold it in a church of their denomination.

Or, for the non-religious, you may opt for a prayer at the wake or an outdoor ceremony. Some people want the pomp and circumstance, as the rituals relieve them of pain and worry. Others prefer simplicity and that’s okay too.

4. Words and Music

Aside from the rituals, funerals typically consist of music and words. Choose music that hugs the surviving souls with hope and love.

Spoken word may be scripture and prayer. It might also consist of eulogy from loved ones. 

5. Post-Service

Following the funeral, the family often holds a casual gathering. Some opt for a catered event at a favorite restaurant.

Others choose a more personalized setting, like a loved one’s home. Bringing people together with food can bring much-needed comfort to all.

Make Planning a Funeral Feel Healing

The process of planning a funeral alone can help to heal aching hearts. Remember to make it a celebration of a beautiful life rather than focusing on the pain of loss. Send them off with love.

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