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The Lands Council To Host SpoCanopy Community Tree Planting Event

The Lands Council To Host SpoCanopy Community Tree Planting Event

This week The Lands Council will be hosting the second annual SpoCanopy tree planting in Spokane’s West Central and Northeast areas.

Volunteers and Lands Council staff will plant free street trees in low-income neighborhoods that have low tree canopy coverage, with the goal of planting 200 street trees in 2021, according to a press release.

The SpoCanopy program’s goals are in alignment with the City of Spokane’s goal to reach 40% tree canopy cover by 2030. According to an announcement from the Lands Council, this will bring the variety of environmental and health benefits of trees to all Spokane communities and neighborhoods and ensure that everyone has equal access to the benefits of street trees and green spaces. 

To achieve these goals, The Lands Council is seeking volunteers.

SpoCanopy tree plantings will take place in small groups of volunteers and staff, between 9 a.m.- 1 p.m. on Oct. 12, 13, and 14. On Oct. 12, plantings will take place in West Central, and volunteers will meet at Dutch Jake’s Park. On Oct. 13 and 14, plantings will take place in Northeast Spokane neighborhoods and volunteers will meet in Kehoe Park.

Volunteers will be trained by The Lands Council crew leaders and provided with tools and support in planting the street trees.  

“SpoCanopy is a fantastic opportunity for community members to improve our city, both environmentally and socially,  and ensure that everyone has abundant access to beautiful green spaces in Spokane,” The Lands Council stated in a press release.

To register visit  https://landscouncil.org/events/spocanopy-tree-plantings.

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