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The importance of Earth Day: A Unifying Planet

The importance of Earth Day: A Unifying Planet

By Emma Craven

While things in our world seeming optimistic, with vaccines and phase progression, we are still in a global pandemic. This is the second year we will all be celebrating During COVID-19 and if you are anything like me, then you are over this pandemic. It feels never-ending, and I am no I am not the only who feels overwhelmed by the constant appearance of COVID. Earth Day (April 22) brings hope, and the presence of hope, that provides normalcy. We can go out and explore our Earth, and have a day dedicated to just being, being in and appreciating this planet.

In today’s political and racial climate, we all feel it: a divide. This Earth is proof that we all share a similarity — this planet. We all call it home and we must remember that. We may all be different, but we are all from the same place, this makes us neighbors, not enemies. While we should celebrate this Earth every day, what if this Earth Day we just forget everything that divides us and remember the one thing that unites us?

So, go. Get out there and enjoy and celebrate our Earth. We cannot celebrate our Earth if we do not go outside and explore it.

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