Photo by Patricia Bruininks

The Divine Humility

By Christi Ortiz

How is it that God allows Herself
to be magnified in creation?
How is it that the Divine Lover
loves Her creation enough
to stoop down to it and become one with it?
Oh, the humility of God!
Like a famous painter that lends Her canvas
to the clumsy brushstroke of a little child
out of Her love for the child
and what she might create.
She gives her freedom to become as she is.
She does not need the child’s art,
yet She sees it as good and blesses it.
Oh, the humility of God!
And yet what beauty bursts forth
from this Divine Generosity.
God and Her Creation intermingled
as paints on a canvas.
The colors dance together
to become something beautiful
Limitless are the possibilities
when God pours Herself out
into creation without holding back
anything of Herself.

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