The Difference Between Non-Denominational and Denominational Church

The Difference Between Non-Denominational and Denominational Church

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Like any other religion, non-denominational and denominational are the sub-branches of Christianity. We can say that based on the facts mentioned at Awaken Church, a site with complete knowledge regarding non-denominational churches, etc. 

Non-denominational churches are very much on the same grounds as denominational churches. However, there are few dissimilarities as well. 

To know more, let’s check it out deeply. 

Dissimilarities of Non-Denominational and Denominational Churches 

#1: According to denominational churches (aka protestant churches) there are 3 divisions in Christianity. On the other hand, non-denominational churches believe in some elements of those 3 divisions. But the main difference is always upon denomination – non-denominational churches don’t rest their faith on denominations. At the same time these non-denominational churches are not associated with any form of organizations in the churches. 

#2:  Denominational churches basically follow “protestants” – the meaning of which is clear, “bearing witness”. This makes sense because protestants have faith in historical events in the religious domains. When it comes to non-denominational churches, it means something different. Assemblies of God, Baptist, and Methodism for non-denominational churches are old and should not be worked upon. 

#3: Non-denominational churches hold respect and give due importance to evangelicalism. Whereas, denominational churches give high stature to sermons inside and outside the holy Bible. In this regard we have some examples to share: Nicene Creed and Luther’s sermons (both sermons are outside the Bible)

#4: Protestants as in denominational churches give extreme importance to the Holy Book (Bible). It is because they find inspiration from the book. But when it comes to non-denominational churches, they don’t give such high regard to the Scripture. But it certainly gives regard in giving references and contexts. What is the difference then? Well, non-denominational churches don’t put the Bible high above everything and denominational churches put Scripture above everything.

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