The Covid-19 Vaccination Rollout Begins

The Covid-19 Vaccination Rollout Begins

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A few days ago, the FDA approved the first Covid-19 vaccine for US use. This means there’s finally some hope on the horizon after an entire year of fear and suffering.

More than 300,000 people have perished, and many more probably will before it’s all said and done. However, we’re turning the tide, and that means a lot to so many people.

In this article, we’ll take a brief look at the first Covid-19 vaccine, others that could be on the way, and what it means for this country in the immediate future.

There Are Still Some Dubious People

We should mention that there are still some individuals who insist they will not take the first vaccine or any of the ones the FDA approves. Some people are ready to accuse the scientific community of first-degree murder if they attempt to implement a forced inoculation plan. However:

  • It’s not likely the federal government will try a nationwide forced inoculation policy
  • Even if everyone does not get the vaccine, we should still be able to wipe out the virus

Even if we can only get 75% of people to take the vaccine, that should hopefully be sufficient to eradicate Covid-19. That’s good news because even if the federal government decided it wanted to try nationwide forced inoculations, the logistical issues would make it impossible. Also, the Q-Anon lunatics would probably greet this news with gunfire.

A Second Vaccine is Coming

The first vaccine, manufactured by Pfizer-BioNTech, got FDA approval in record time. It’s incredible how fast the company scrambled to get this vaccine working, but others are coming along behind it. There are ones coming from:

  • Moderna
  • Novavax
  • AstraZeneca

Johnson and Johnson is working on their vaccine, as are Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline. It’s far from certain how many of these the FDA will approve. The Moderna vaccine is closest to ready, and the FDA might approve it within the next few days.

If that happens, we’ll have two vaccines on the market, and both the manufacturing companies already have millions of doses ready. Pfizer-BioNTech is already working round the clock to roll theirs out, and Moderna will do the same.

How Does the Vaccine Administration Work?

The vaccine administration is supposedly very simple. It’s just a simple jab in the arm, like a flu shot. However, keep in mind that with both the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and the Moderna one, you need two administrations, the first one, and then the second a few days later.

Health care workers are going to be the first to get the vaccine, and then elderly individuals. People with immunocompromised conditions should be next.

After that, there is a long line of people who will need to get it as well. There’s a website you can go to where you can figure out approximately where you are in line.

What Happens Once You Get the Vaccine?

Once you get the vaccine, the idea is that you’ll have Covid-19 immunity. What’s not completely clear is if you can still spread the coronavirus to someone who has not gotten the vaccine yet once you have received it.

Probably continued mask-wearing and social distancing will be the safest thing, even after you get the vaccine, at least in the early going. By late summer or early fall, scientists and medical experts feel like everyone who wants the vaccine should be able to get it.

At that point, people can probably remove their masks, stop social distancing, and “return to normal.”

Will We Learn Anything?

This brings up the question of what the US, and the world, will look like late in 2021. With vaccines readily available and the pandemic relegated to the history books, will we take any lessons from what happened?

You would hope that we will. Though there are more than 300,000 deceased right now, there could be twice that number dead by the time everyone has the vaccine. It’s because even now, there are still some people who refuse to take it seriously.

These stubborn individuals keep downplaying it or calling it a hoax because no one they know has gotten Covid-19, or if they have, they survived it with relatively little difficulty. Because of this, these people continue to mock mask-wearers or those who socially distance.

The truth is that these individuals are never going to change or learn from what happened. They are how they are, and if there are future pandemics, their behavior will undoubtedly be just the same.

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