The Brief Guide That Makes Living a Good Christian Life Simple

The Brief Guide That Makes Living a Good Christian Life Simple

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Despite the fact that there are over 2 billion Christians in the world, it’s still sometimes challenging to live a good Christian life. Are you new to Christianity? Have you been Christian for a while but you’re struggling to balance the secular world with your Christian views?

In this brief guide, we’ll show you a few things to make the spiritual lifestyle simple. Being a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ isn’t always easy, but it is fulfilling and life-changing. 

Develop a Healthy Prayer Life

If you want to get closer to Jesus, a healthy prayer life is crucial. Prayer is communication with God. Treat Jesus as your best friend and speak to him as you would your closest confidante. 

Make time for prayer throughout your day. Any time you’re communicating with Jesus, you’re praying. You can turn even simple tasks into prayerful tasks. 

Don’t like doing laundry? Don’t grumble and whine about it. Turn laundry time into prayer time instead. 

Read the Bible

To adopt a spiritual lifestyle, you need an understanding of Jesus and his time here on earth. The Bible is your roadmap to Jesus and what he taught his followers. 

Too many people assume they know what’s in The Bible. Read it yourself so you can take the words and lessons of Jesus into your heart. Reading the Gospels gives you an understanding of Jesus’ thinking and what he wanted from his followers. 

Live Your Faith

A spiritual person lives his faith. Your actions are a witness to others even when you’re not speaking. Living a joyful life is a great witness to God!

Be aware of your extracurricular activities. Avoid violent, degrading, and pornographic content. Find a good Christian movie or website instead. 

Don’t go to church on Sunday only to live a secular life the other six days of the week. Instead, go to church every Sunday and live the Gospels the other six days too. 

It’s okay to talk to others about your faith but respect their boundaries and other types of religions. Too many Christians give the faith a bad name by not respecting others’ feelings about God. The more joyful you are, the more you’ll attract others to your faithful lifestyle.  

Show Love

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus tells us that “Thou shalt love they neighbor as thyself.” Too often, we humans put limitations on loving our neighbors. 

Our neighbor is everyone who shares this planet with us, regardless of their individual characteristics. Jesus loved everyone. To live a simple Christian life, keep the commandments as Jesus did.

Showing love to someone you really love is easy. Showing love to someone you’re not comfortable with is the challenge Jesus gives us. Show love to everyone for a simple Christian life. 

Live a Simple Christian Life

You can live a simple Christian life by not overcomplicating things. Develop a good prayer life, read your Bible every day, and live your faith with love. 

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