Should Christians Pray In Public? Here are the Scriptures that many people are conflicted about.

The Bible Says: Should Christians Pray in Public?

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Topics are presented with related scriptures from the KJV and do not represent the opinions of the writer.

This Week’s Topic:

Should Christians Pray In Public?

Here are the Scriptures that many people are conflicted about.

What do you think?

Yes? 1 Timothy 2:8

No? Matthew 6:5-6

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Should Christians Pray in Public?
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  1. A great topic! I pray privately in public and private spaces, and that is an important way for me to be in communion. But whether prayers are appropriate in public gatherings is another subject. The Mathew scripture has always intrigued me because public prayers are a central part of the flow of most Christian worship services. When those public prayers start to drone on and become more of a sermon than a moment of corporate communion with God, my mind drifts to the scripture in Matthew.

  2. Great comment Debbie. Thank you. Droning on and on is probably what prompted Matthew to write 6:5-6 🙂

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