The benefits of arts and science

Plasma ball
Plasma ball

Art and science both provide valuable insights. It's fascinating how together they can work to bring enjoyment, power and ability to life.

Science brings us measurement, precision, regimentation, data records, curiosity and questioning. It can offer great insight regarding how to make tangible changes within the physical world around us. Whether to obtain health and wellness or to build a building, intricate precision yields solidarity and strength. Pre-planned regimentation can help to influence future accomplishments, or events through long measures of time.

Disciplines in art also bring valuable aspects and viewpoints. Moreover,, they explore questions of meaning and purpose. Such contemplation tend to cultivate introspection, empathy, inspiration and creativity. Arts are formed in a world of likes and dislikes, opinions, subjective experience and perspective. Art concepts tend to have an indirect power on the physical world, but this power should not be underestimated, for within this aspect pathways are created and set into motion. Ascetic environments can influence attitudes and aspirations.

Both disciplines, if taken to the extreme, can create inherent blind spots where valuable attributes can become deluded and ineffective. Being able to use both approaches well may lead to a combination of insights, attributes and viewpoints that can be valuable for various circumstances.

When done with proper respect, intelligence and direction, new and different approaches can be an interesting endeavor. Whether in the study of scripture or Gospel history, or another world viewpoint, if there is any good insight, hopefully it will be more easily recognized, valued and held in common.

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