Temple to celebrate Japan Week with annual food festival

A volunteer fries Japanese crackers
A volunteer fries Japanese crackers

The Spokane Buddhist Temple, located on 927 South Perry St., is holding its annual “Haru Matsuri” Japan Spring Food Festival fundraiser, in conjunction with Spokane’s Japan Week, April 21 from noon to 4 p.m.

According to a press release, 30 volunteers prepare and serve the Teriyaki Chicken in the span of four days. The chicken is prepared from a traditional Japanese recipe and is served with rice, miso soup and tsukemono. According to treasurer Mari Haworth, master chef Jun Yugawa will be cooking about 400 pieces of chicken.

The main Chicken Teriyaki Dinner, which costs $12 a plate, will consist of chicken, rice, Miso Soup and Tsukemono, which is Japanese cabbage salad.

Vegetarians can indulge in an Inari dish, which has four pieces of fried tofu pouches packed with flavored rice. There is also a Hosomaki dish, which consists of a cucumber roll and a pickled daikon roll. The Inari costs $5 while the Hosomaki costs $7.

If full meals are too large for someone, there will also be bags of Senbei, which are Japanese rice crackers, available for $4.

In addition to dining, guests will also have a chance to take a guided tour of the temple during the festival.

“A lot of people are curious about Buddhism, but they are a little intimidated at services,” Haworth said. “This will be a good opportunity to anyone to see what Japanese Buddhism is like.”

Anyone interested in attending the food festival can place their order on the Spokane Buddhist Temple’s website.

Full menu

Chicken Teriyaki Dinner with Rice, Tsukemono (Japanese cabbage salad) & Miso Soup – $12

Senbei (Japanese rice crackers) – $4

Inari (4 pieces – flavored rice packed in fried tofu pouches) – $5

Hosomaki (2 Vegetarian Sushi Rolls—Cucumber Roll & Pickled Daikon Roll) – $7

California Roll (avocado, kani kama (imitation crab/crab stick), and cucumber, made as uramaki (with rice on the outside, nori or black seaweed wrappers, on the inside) – $7

Combo Sushi (4 pcs Futomaki & 2 Inari) Futomaki: cylindrical sushi, with nori on the outside, filed with rice, vegetables, shrimp powder and other ingredients; see Inari above.  – $7

Mochi (various rice flour Japanese desserts) $4

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