Targeting Hope Workshop coming to Spokane

Whitworth University and World Vision are teaming together this fall to fight poverty and injustice issues in the Spokane area. The Targeting Hope day-long conference will be Nov. 12 at the university, 300 West Hawthorne Road. Workshops include:

  • U.S. Poverty and its Effect on Early Childhood Development
  • Foundations for Community Transformation
  • Community Youth Development: An Approach to Community Transformation
  • A Discussion on Human Trafficking – Why Spokane Should Pay Attention
  • Mapping Our Community Assets
  • A Community Report Card on the Health of Spokane
  • People of Faith Working in Community-Based Organizations
  • Christian Educators in Non-Christian Education
  • Youth-led Session: Community Engagement – A Call to Our Generation
  • Understanding Youth and Child Well-Being
  • Exegeting Your Neighborhood
  • Youth Pastor’s Roundtable – A Discussion on Transformational Youth Ministry
  • Public Education in Spokane – Underperforming Schools…What We Can Do About It
  • Economic Development – Deep Change in Your Community
  • Development or Relief? A Social Justice Conversation for Pastors
Lots of notable speakers will be at this conference, including Whitworth President Beck Taylor, Michael Mata of World Vision and Noel Castellanos, CEO of the Christian Community Development Association (and a Whitworth alumni).
For information, or to register for Targeting Hope, call (509) 475-1961 or visit www.worldvision.org/targetinghope.

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