Kids writer letters to Donald Trump about migrant camps/Christi Ortiz - SpokaneFāVS

Taking Action For Justice

By Christi Ortiz

Letter to Donald Trump written by kids who then made a website opposing migrant camps/Christi Ortiz – SpokaneFāVS

We arrived at the pool; all day the kids were looking forward to swimming on this hot summer day.  But when we arrived, they didn’t jump out excitedly like they normally would have.  

They were transfixed by the news story on NPR.  They are 7 and 12, by the way, news stories do not usually grab their attention, especially when a pool awaits them.  What was so impactful that they couldn’t move from their seats?  We were nearly in tears listening to an NPR news story about the heart wrenching stories of the abuse of migrant children in detention centers.  After it ended we all sat stunned and saddened that this harsh treatment has been able to continue for so long.  My daughter then said, “I wish I could write a letter to Trump and ask him to stop this.”  “You can,” I said.  And then my son and his friend jumped in, “Imagine if we flooded the president’s desk with letters from kids around the nation.”  The idea went on, “Yeah we could create a website and ask other kids to join us”.

“You know how to create a website?” I asked.  “Yeah we learned that in coding camp a long time ago Mom, it’s easy,” said my 12-year-old son.  They came home jazzed about their idea and went to work.  My daughter started on her letter and my son and his friend starting researching the contact information to the White House.  Then they proceeded to create a website about their idea all on their own.  They came up with a name, Justice for Juniors, and wrote about the news story. I was blown away by their phrasing and ideas and passion about making a difference for other kids.

I was inspired by their enthusiasm.  They seemed to lack that cynical, desensitized stupor my friends and I can often get into regarding the current political state.  They didn’t fall into complaining and hopelessness like I often do.  They quickly took a small action that was in their power to do.  They don’t know if other kids will join them in the effort or not, but they didn’t seem to care. They wanted to do their small part to try to end the suffering and injustice.

Please join my kids’ effort and passion in taking a small step towards change.  Each drop in the bucket can be enough to tip the scale.

See their website here.

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