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Sowing Seeds of Gratitude

Each day between now and including Thanksgiving Day, be very conscious of the little things for which you are thankful – in your home, at work, with friends, even with strangers.

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More than enough

I’m one of the “lucky” ones. I have my health, a happy marriage. I’m educated, employed with a nice roof over my head and far more than enough to eat at any time during the day or night.

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I cherish my incompleteness

Thanksgiving is still on my mind. As I sat there on Thanksgiving Day, surrounded by so much, and with my heart and head full of thanks, I astonished myself at my ingratitude.

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An attitude of gratitude

Gratefulness is a life-changer. Literally. Those who hold an “attitude of gratitude” often have a higher quality of life, live longer, and share deeper relationships with others than those who don’t. As a wise six-year-old once said, “No one likes a grumpy face.”

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