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The Islamic State group has weaponized children

IS has gone from using children to inspire adults, to manipulating children and their parents to fight alongside adults, to targeting children instead of adults. They do not consider what they have done to be truly evil, although we know it to be.

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Are the Barbarians at the Gates?

It’s helpful to read a pastor who was attempting to engage the challenges of living among the riot and rubble of clashing cultures and world views. It’s with that backdrop that I have been forced to process the latest terrorist attacks in Nice, France.

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VIEWPOINTS: How should we respond to Brussels?

We need to remember to care for each other. If an attack happens close to home, goodwill in our community and loving nurturing relationships with each other are what will keep us together and strong so we may rebuild and comfort each other and heal each other.

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BRIEF: Pakistani American to speak about drones, terrorism

Lawyer, writer and women’s rights advocate Rafia Zakaria will present a lecture, “Drones and Terrorism: The Ultimate Miscalculation,” on Sept. 23, at 7 p.m. in the Robinson Teaching Theatre in Weyerhaeuser Hall at Whitworth University.

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