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Surprised and Thrilled by Hope at Standing Rock

I end the class by stating that if we are ever to move forward as a country, we must recognize that we (European Americans) committed the largest mass genocide in history, and we must ask for forgiveness. There is a sense of agreement among the students to this statement, as impossible of a reality as it may seem. Enter Standing Rock.

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A Day In The Life Of An Ally At Standing Rock

I recently returned from a short trip to join the water protectors at Standing Rock, North Dakota. Traveling there I was afraid of arrest and battery, of broken bones and black eyes, of not being able to return home safely to my husband and child. I wrote my husband's number on my arm in case I was too rattled or hurt after being arrested to remember it. And while I have returned home with no damage done to my body, my mind is forever changed by what I saw there.

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