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Buddhist abbey offers young adult program

This summer young adults ages 18 to 29 can explore the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism within Western at Sravasti Abbey, a Buddhist monastic community in Newport. During the Young Adults: Exploring Buddhism 2012  residential program, guests will be fully integrated into the Sravasti community and will learn meditation, participate in Dharma teachings …

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Buddhist abbey now home to 5 U.S.- born fully ordained nuns

NEWPORT, Wash. —  There aren't a lot of Buddhists in America — around 3 million or so, according to the Pluralism Project. And if the denomination is a minority then it makes sense that there isn't exactly an abundance of monasteries here either, let alone Buddhist clergy. Because there's no …

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Sravasti Abbey welcome home two ordained nuns

The Sravasti Abbeycommunity in Newport is now home to five officialbhikshunis, or ordained nuns. Ven. Chonyi and Ven. Jigme recently returned from Taiwan, where they participated in theInternational Triple Platform Full Ordination training and ceremony, making them the fourth and fifth bhikshunis at the abbey. According to the monastic ethical …

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