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BRIEF: Sharing the Dharma Day to focus on Chodron’s new book

Sravasti Abbey will resume its monthly Sharing the Dharma Day on March 10.

The day's topic, "“Precious Human Life and How to Use It Wisely,” will focus on teachings from Abbess Venerable Thubten Chodron's latest book, "Don't Believe Everything You Think," which is a contemporary commentary on a well-loved text of the Tibetan tradition that teaches how to transform life’s ups and downs into material for spiritual awakening.

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During ordination ceremony, woman commits to monastic life

NEWPORT — Daniela Mieritz touched her palms together, closed her eyes and let shavings of hair fall onto the dark blue towel draped around her neck.

About 30 people sat facing her, watching the sacred ceremony. Mieritz never opened her eyes to look at them, though a smile occasionally crept across her face as her teacher, Venerable Thubten Chodron, delicately took a razor to Mieritz’s scalp.

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Audio Slideshow: Welcoming a sister

NEWPORT — On Sunday Sravasti Abbey welcomed a new novice nun to its community. In an ordination ceremony Daniela Mieritz took vows and became Venerable Thubten Jampa. Ruby Pan also took vows to become an an Anagarkia.

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