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Ask An Atheist…at the fair

The Inland Northwest Freethought Society and the Spokane Secular Society will join forces again this summer and host a booth at the Kootenai County Fair in Idaho (Aug. 21 - 25) and the Spokane County Interstate Fair (Sept.6-15).  This will be our second year at the Idaho Fair and the third for the Spokane shindig. I heartily invite any of the Spokane Faith & Values contributors and readers who may be visiting either fair to stop by our table and say hi.

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Jimmy in the lions den, or: a merry weekend of intelligent design lectures, part 2

Now to the fun.  The Discovery Institute’s John West talked on “The Darwinian Challenge to Faith, Ethics, and Culture,” in which he characterized Darwinism as a block of militant atheists out to squash all opposition to their godless materialist agenda.  Along the way West happened to show some slides of “Darwin Day” celebrations where atheist sentiments were on hand to suggest that Darwin Day was really a secularist religious holiday.

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“Faitheist” author coming to EWU, urges Atheists and believers to work together

Chris Stedman thinks Atheists and believers have some key things in common and should start working together to improve society.

He writes about this in his book, “Faitheist: How an Atheist Found Common Ground with the Religious” and will discuss it further on April 29 at Eastern Washington University, where he’ll spend the day visiting with students and community members about the importance of interfaith work.

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