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Faith Feast: Experience Islam

Food that meets general Islamic dietary guidelines is called halal, which is what we’ll be eating during the appetizer portion during Faith Feast: an Intercultural Progressive Dinner.

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Spokane Islamic Center’s continued search for imam reflects national struggle

The Spokane Islamic Center wants something mosques all across the country are seeking and can’t seem to find — an educated, bilingual, experienced imam who understands American culture.

According to the report “The American Mosque 2011: Activities, Administration and Vitality of the American Mosque” by Ihsan Bagby, half of all mosques in the U.S. have no full-time staff, and only 44 percent of imams work as paid, full-time leaders.

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Muslims enter holy month of Ramadan

With this morning’s rising sun dawned the Islamic month of Ramadan — a sacred time for Muslims to commemorate when the Quran’s scriptures were first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.

From now until Aug. 19 Muslims will fast from sunup until sundown.

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