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Spokane’s Harmony Woods Retreat Center Provides Sacred Space for All

harmony woods retreat center

When one opens the door and steps into Harmony Woods Retreat Center these words greet guests: “Please remove your shoes for the place in which you stand is holy ground.” Christi Ortiz, and her husband, Fernando, who built this yurt on their own property during COVID restrictions, hope all who enter their now one-year-old retreat center feel this sense of sacred with them.

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Are Us Old Folk More Spiritual?

old folk

For Christmas, my 80 year-old-brother gave me, soon to turn 77, Priscilla Long’s "Dancing with the Muse in Old Age."  A celebration of artists and others who do great work in their later years, Long’s book includes a short discussion on “A Spiritual Life” in which she posits that “in old age many persons become more spiritual.”

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RNS Reporters on the Big Religion Stories They Expect to Cover in 2023

2023 new year

As RNS reporters look ahead to 2023, they expect, on the whole, to cover the fallout of these shifts, including the continued effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rising influence of Christian nationalism. They also predict the emergence of new and experimental forms of spirituality — hello, psychedelics — as the religious landscape in America continues to shift toward disaffiliation and religious pluralism.

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Songwriting Workshop

Learn the art of songwriting with musician-songwriters Cole Peterson and Kendrick Barnes. This is a 4-week ONLINE workshop open to all skill levels and areas of interest. Note: You do not need to play an instrument to participate in this workshop as the focus will be on writing vs playing. …

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The Spirituality of Making, and Viewing Art

By adopting a more expansive view of art, I have come to understand both art-making and art-viewing as a spiritual experience: one that instills attentiveness, calm, and a sense of awe into my daily rituals, often without my immediate awareness.

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“Spirituality & Wealth” 3-day workshop

YOU ARE MORE THAN YOU KNOW Join Dean Radin, Julia Mossbridge, and Marty Rosenblatt for a three-day workshop about spirituality, consciousness, science, ancient wisdom, wealth, and life. Learn a new way of thinking and living that allows you to flourish and evolve. Tracy SimmonsTracy Simmons is an award-winning journalist specializing …

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