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Should you unfriend the NSA?

I really do like keeping up on the news, the vital (Syria updates) and not so vital (latest trends in planking.) Whether or not you agree with me, you may have been surprised to learn the extent of the National Security Agency's sharing of our communications, including phone calls, emails and Internet use, with little to none of the protections we thought we were afforded. The recent revelations made by Edward Snowden are nothing if not unnerving, and they keep coming.

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Conflicted social media advocate

The Wonderful leader and editor of Spokane Faith & Values, Tracy Simmons approached me as she was preparing to launch this site, “Would you consider being one of our writers?” I gave an enthusiastic YES.  A few months later, my first post was published introducing me as a “Social Media Writer.” That was last March. Then I went dark! I have written nothing since. Why? What is wrong with me? Why can’t I get motivated?

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Building community through social media

I am a “social media writer” for SpokaneFAVS. I care about the ways social media can help spiritual communities. For many years I have been advocating the potential for good that can come from the tools of technology. I am a veteran of almost 30 years through “trial and error” …

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