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Religious fanaticism

About a month ago I "came out" to my friends and family on Facebook. I posted that I'm proudly Pagan and proudly bisexual. After years of staying quiet about both, it was time. Thankfully, everyone on my friends list was supportive; everyone except my dad.

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Ask An Atheist…at the fair

The Inland Northwest Freethought Society and the Spokane Secular Society will join forces again this summer and host a booth at the Kootenai County Fair in Idaho (Aug. 21 - 25) and the Spokane County Interstate Fair (Sept.6-15).  This will be our second year at the Idaho Fair and the third for the Spokane shindig. I heartily invite any of the Spokane Faith & Values contributors and readers who may be visiting either fair to stop by our table and say hi.

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