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Humility goes a long way in fostering real peace

Whoa! What had I done? There I was face to face with this guy standing right there in front of me telling me what for. I was the enemy from his viewpoint. I had said or done something not to his liking and he was calling me on it big time. 

Over-the-top reactions seem the norm these days

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When prayer turns pointless, then what?

He looks different but he laughs, eats and plays just like any other kid. You see, my son is deformed from a tumor wrapped behind the left eye and bone abnormalities in his skull. Imagine a kite unable to fly because it's weighed down.

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Millennials want to be involved in the solution

There’s been a lot of talk about millennials and their place in the ever-changing religious landscape in America. Millennials my age have been through a lot in since the turn of the century that has shaped our spiritual paths in ways rarely experienced by previous generations of Americans.

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