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A heavy heart for the children

My heart is heavy and my soul enraged at the thought of beautiful children shot dead. The sentiments you have all heard these last days about the innocent, defenseless, children killed by a deranged man cause us all to question everything we thought we knew.

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FAV(e) PHOTOS: Hanukkah, TobyMac, same-sex marriage and fruitcake

Each week, the five Faith and Values sites compile their top photos to give you a glance at what is happening in communities around the country. Here's a look at Dec. 6 to 13. In this week's mix, we've got Hanukkah underway, Christmas coming, a concert happening, same-sex couples getting marriage licenses in Washington state and some monks making fruitcake.

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Christian radio host: God didn’t stop Connecticut shootings

Bryan Fischer, an evangelical radio host with the American Family Association said Friday that God did not stop the tragic shootings in Connecticut because America has told Him to "get lost."

“Where was God when all of this went down?” he asked. "Here’s the bottom line: God is not going to go where he is not wanted.”

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Senseless Violence

There are no words that will wipe clean the slate of yesterday’s senseless violence in Newtown, Conn. It will go down in our consciousness as a day without explanation, a day of pain and mourning.

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