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The Axis of Evil in Me

There are few moments that are truly capable of resizing a person. Death is the main force that cuts people down to size. It is inevitable, and the only guarantee in life. As many have pointed out before, we often live as though death is a myth.

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My Visit to Sandy Hook

The assault weapon debate is starting to rage as our legislators are beginning to realize that changes to mental health funding and a look-see at these violent video games that target teen boys and young men need to be addressed.

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The royal baby

Everybody knows that the Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, are going to have a royal baby. Everybody knows because it’s in all the news headlines, blathered on all the talk shows, and texted over multitudes of cell phones.

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This Christmas, stop focusing on differences

I ponder this simple poem and wonder that we, as individuals, spend so much time focusing on the differences, while God may see only humanity. When do we release our need to see all that is wrong and take the time to celebrate all that is right?

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